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The Ruhija Orphanage.


The Ruhija Little Angels Orphanage is situated in the extreme south west of Uganda near the border with Rwanda.  This area is famous for the nearby Gorilla Sanctuary, which has been featured on many television programmes.

ruhija little angels-1

The orphanage and school are run by Happy Kyoheirwe and is the largest in the area, providing a permanent home for 350 children, most of whom are AIDS orphans.  The children stay in the orphanage until they are 16.  Girls are taught dressmaking and boys are taught carpentry and farming so that when they leave they will have a means of earning a living.


The nearest source of water is 2 miles away so if they cannot collect enough rainwater the children have to fetch water every day.  The water is not clean so many children suffer from malnutrition because of the parasitic worms in their bodies.

carrying water

Dr Andrea Rauprich, a member of the Rotary Doctor Bank Management Committee has been working with the orphanage for a number of years and has raised money to build classrooms and dormitories.

Some of the children have passed the examination to attend the secondary school but secondary education is not free in Uganda, it costs £300 per year for a child to attend school.

All the cooking for 350 children is done in 2 small cooking huts, on open fires, with very few utensils.


In 2016 a new dormitory was built

new dormitory 2016

In 2017 4 new classrooms with a rainwater collection system was built

new classrooms


A poultry house has been built, they buy in small chicks, which, in time, will produce eggs.  They also grow vegetables, any surplus eggs or vegetables are sold in the local market.

poultry house


A new sick bay and office are under construction

new sick bay and office


A motorcycle and trailer has been donated by the Rotary Club of Swansea Valley with the help of funding from the Rotary Foundation District Grant.  This can be used to carry goods to market and it can also be used as an ambulance.  Training has been given and spare parts have been supplied so that they are able to service and repair the motor bike.

motor cycle ambulance

If you would like to help the Ruhija Orphanage, please contact Andrea Rauprich