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Dr Andrew Nourish and Cheryl Jones – Morocco, September 2015.


I heard about a programme called “Dental Mavericks” which organises dental camps in a remote area of Morocco.  A combination of a high sugar diet, no health education and one dentist for 750,000 people means that there is a massive problem with dental health in the area.   I visited Morocco for the first time in September 2014 as part of a dental team and I have just returned from my second visit.

Conditions were very basic, we had a mobile dental unit which had been sent out from UK and after being impounded for 18 months  by the Moroccan customs, was eventually released.  We took as much equipment as we could with us in our luggage.

Treatment was also basic, mainly extractions to relieve long standing pain, but we did manage to fill some teeth and carry out oral hygiene instruction.  Very few of the children had any experience of dental treatment which worked in out favour as none of them had any preconceived ideas, they were so grateful that we were there to help them.  It was encouraging that children that we had seen the previous year came back again and some of them did not need any treatment.

One of the dentists in our team has appeared on the Sensodyne adverts on TV.  We all thought that they used actors for the adverts.

It was quite an experience visiting the area and I look forward to going again next year.  Many thanks to the Rotary Doctor Bank for the support.